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    Eine direkte Anfrage zu stellen lohnt sich bei TEST immer. Wir
    verfügen über exklusive Zimmerkontingente, die nur bei uns
    buchbar sind.

    ++ Postponed: The Interpack was postponed to 25.02 – 03.03.2021 ++

    interpack: Imperative Event for the Packaging Industry


    At the interpack in Düsseldorf companies of the Packaging Industry coming from the branches Food, Beverages, Confectionery, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Bakery, non-food and Industrial Goods meet every three years. The topic fields at interpack represent the entire supply chain from Production and Refinement up to Quality Assurance. Whether looking for innovative materials, customized solutions or creative concepts – at interpack you will discover a unique variety of Products while letting yourself be inspired by new visions and trends. Take the chance to extensively exchange Information at eye level and to get into contact with future business partners.

    Customer Feedback

    On behalf of the Kulturkreis, I would like to thank you once again for your support of the German Cultural Promotion Prize 2019! Thanks to you, the online registration in advance and also the accreditation on site had worked smoothly. I also found the cooperation with you very pleasant and uncomplicated. The Kulturkreis would be very pleased if we could continue our cooperation in the future. Many thanks once again to the whole team of TEST!

    Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V.

    “(…) The cooperation worked smoothly and to our great satisfaction. In spite of short-term changes on our part, our ideas and wishes could always be fulfilled. This allowed us to concentrate on other things, which made our planning much less stressful.”

    JP Group A/S

    “(…) This year again I would like to express my great praise to all colleagues involved, who supported me again energetically, (extremely) friendly, competently and patiently with the entire organization including all change and special wishes, in particular Mrs. Böhme, Mrs. von Rueden and Mr. Mattern. It was really a pleasure to work with the whole team”.

    Traktionssysteme Austria GmbH

    ” (…) Thank you so much for helping me and us so competently and so quickly!”

    Sigarth GmbH

    “(…) I would like to thank you and your team very much for the very pleasant and friendly and perfect cooperation. You made my life a lot easier. I wish you all the best. Stay healthy”.

    e+a Elektromaschinen und Antriebe AG

    „ (…) My team had a great experience with your service, I heard from them a lot of compliments about the bus and the driver and that everything ran smoothly.
    I really appreciate your and your team help and would love to keep working with you in the future.”

    Drive TLV

    “From my side I would like to thank you and all colleagues involved for your great commitment, your patience (because not all information came in a timely manner), your flexibility (e.g. postponement of dates from July to September) and generally for the very friendly and great communication with you! As I had noticed so far, the tour was blessed with best motorcycle weather. I will be happy to give you feedback as soon as I have heard from the colleagues, but organisationally it was very pleasant for me to work with you”.


    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great implementation of our event! The cooperation with you was characterized by productive suggestions, very good accessibility and professional support from start to finish!

    PATLITE Europe GmbH

    “I would like to thank you very much for the always very pleasant cooperation in the run-up to the award ceremony. The online registration enabled the guests an uncomplicated accreditation and made our preparations much easier! Many thanks for the always quick and solution-oriented reactions to questions or adaptation requests!”

    Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft

    „(…) Of course, it was a big pleasure to work with you !!! You will be on board with us also in the future as our success is also linked to you huge professionalism, availability and kindness! You are the number 1! “

    Dana Italia Srl

    “Thank you very much for your support at SPS IPC Drives 2019. Your Meeting Manager was very supportive, which is why you would use him again – as discussed – at the Hannover Messe. Thank you very much (!) for your great commitment regarding the room price – and also in general for the great and professional support during the whole booking process.”

    U.I. Lapp GmbH

    “We have been working for several editions of fairs together with Test Berlin. For us it important to have local support that responds in a timely manner and is always very efficient in handling our new-coming and changing requests. They represent a professional partner, with a team of polite people that understand finding solutions to business needs.”

    COROB S.p.A

    “I very much enjoy working with TEST Berlin as this is an agency that truly puts their customers first! The staff is highly professional and very friendly and will do their utmost to meet our accommodation needs and make our stay a pleasant one.”

    Croda Nederland BV

    “I would also like to thank you and the team of TEST Berlin! It really is always a pleasure to work together with you. I always feel I am in the best of hands and I receive absolutely competent and friendly advice!

    Bondioli & Pavesi

    We stand for

    Competent consulting Icon
    Qualified Consultation

    All members of the TEST Team are Specialists who like to manage the tasks assigned to them with success.

    Solution-oriented communication Icon
    Shortest Completion Period

    A flexible Team and a great Project Transparency are the basis for working efficiently and for coordinating your Projects respectively.

    Fast processing time Icon
    High Quality

    Continuous Further Training Activities guarantee that your Projects are always carried out with Competence and maximum Quality.

    High quality icon
    Solution-oriented Communication

    In case there might occur problems, let them be considered a challenge and a solution for handling them will be found as soon as possible.

    flexibility icon

    Lean decision-making processes guarantee maximum flexibility. This is of high importance, in particular when realizing your Event!

    reliability Icon

    We are your Partner for any kind and size of Project. Our long-lasting Client Relationships prove it, as you may see from our testimonials.





    Exhibition area
    254.400 m²

    Exhibition area



    Data provided by
    Past exhibitions
    To Exhibitors
    Visitors Exhibition area
    interpack 2020 25.02.2021
    03.03.2021 2.860
    170.899 178.124 m²
    interpack 2017 04.05.2017
    10.05.2017 2.860
    170.899 178.124 m²
    interpack 2014 08.05.2014
    14.05.2014 2.670
    174.798 174.369 m²
    interpack 2011 12.05.2011
    18.05.2011 2.703
    165.141 174.255 m²

    Benefit from our Services and keep your head clear for the Essentials

    The date of your visit to interpack has been fixed a long time ago, but you cannot find any accommodation? As one of the leading Service Providers for Hotel Reservations in Europe we are able to offer an extra-large Contingent of Hotel Rooms at all major Trade Fair Locations. Even if everything is fully booked, contact us for the perfect Hotel for you. Even on short notice and at fair market price.

    Our Services include more than booking Hotels

    In case you need further support for your Fair Appearance – we offer the whole range of Services all around organizing the Event. Whether referring to the Party at the Stand at interpack or the subsequent Customer Event at the respective Location, from Catering to Service Staff up to finally organizing the Transfer Service, you may book anything with us. Our long-term experience in planning and coordinating Company Events enables us to provide you with your individual Service Package. You keep your head clear for dealing with the Essentials!

    Do you know our TEST Meeting Manager?

    Save precious time when organizing your interpack Attendance and benefit from our online based Allrounder for coordinating your Guest activities. Dispatch the Invitations for interpack automatically and multi-leveled per email. Leave the choice of rooms to your Guests in addition to the booking. You determine the pre-reserved contingent of rooms as well as the specific rooms to be available. You manage the cancellations and reservations plus an extensive reporting which helps you maintaining an overview at any time: Who will arrive when? Who will stay for how long? Who has not given response so far? By providing a comprehensive overview the Participant Manager informs you on the status of activities at any time and assists you on keeping track of the costs. As you have everything under control, the Invoice will not be a surprise at the end of the day.

    Tailor-made Solutions all around the interpack

    You even have the option to include the booking of extra Services such as framework program or transfer shuttles within the Participant Manager. Herewith you are always up to date on which Guests attend the evening Event or on the current status of the booked Transfer volume. Your personal Contact at TEST supports you with managing the Software as well as with handling all other challenges involved. The TEST Participant Manager may even be adjusted to the Corporate Design of your Company enabling you to always communicate compliant with your CI. And at the end of the day when interpack has been a total success, you receive the Invoice by means of the Participant Manager just in time and detail.
    Do not miss the opportunity of taking advantage of this convenient assistant and join our enthusiastic Clients already working with the Participant Manager. We make you an individual offer free of charge and without any further obligation.

    Take advantage of the Evenings at interpack

    Interpack will last for seven days in Düsseldorf signifying that at least six evenings will be available for presenting an insight into your Company World to an individually selected circle of Clients, Partners or Employees in a relaxed atmosphere. TEST plans and organizes creative accompanying programs directly at Site. This might be an Event at your Trade Fair Stand or somewhere in and around Düsseldorf. Put your products on stage with artistic performances and present your Guests an unforgettable Event full of show elements and enriched by Gourmet delights. The Event Team of TEST will be happy to advise you, please contact us.

    Additional Services

    Around your visit to the fair there are many subtasks which TEST covers confidently and on the basis of many years of experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s about premises for perfect productions, extraordinary supporting programmes or a complete event.
    We make your brand message come alive.

    Location Scouting

    Location scouting Additional services

    Location Scouting

    Starting with the hip Restaurant up to the exotic Trade Fair Activity – we know exactly what to do in Conference and Trade Fair Cities.
    In every city we know the latest place-to-be and where to find adequate rooms and locations. What do you want to do? We are looking for it.

    Transfer Service

    transferservice preview

    Transfer Service

    Bus, train and taxi are always there. But what if entire groups are to be coordinated? Or what if the Executive Board requires something more exclusive? We will organize your Transfer to the Trade Fair by means of the most diverse vehicles depending on your requirements, and we will shuttle you and your guests safely from A to B. If you want a helicopter, you get it.

    Hostess and Service Team

    service staff impression

    Hostess and Service Team

    The perfect Hostess and Service Employee is recognized by his/her friendly face, professional appearance and excellent work attitude. We are very pleased to be able to provide you with the staff from our HR Pool in order to make your Event a success according to your visions. For representing your company as you like it.

    Catering and Stand Party

    Catering service Additional services

    Catering and Stand Party

    Good Parties and Delicious Food will stay on your mind for ever. Even more important for remembrance is that the food is excellent and that everything around is thoroughly planned for the party. We are happy to take care of your masterpiece. We do not only now all of the Hotspots in town but also the best Caterers.

    Side Program

    Supporting programme Music

    Side Program

    After a long Day at the Trade Fair the Night must be something special. Wake up your tired guests by offering them an exciting Side Program. Make them fit and open minded for your Company’s Philosophy – and how is that done? Let us take care of that inspiring job. We are the experts in developing interesting and inspiring Side Programs. Your guests will be thrilled.


    Location Event Alm Xylem


    You would like to realize your own separate Event subsequent to the Trade Fair? Invite your Clients in advance or provide some product experience afterwards? Here too, we are pleased to help willing to organize everything you need. Reliable. Flexible ….. and Enthusiastic!
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